Life Transformation

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Life Transformation:


Gene Thompson

As a relationship counsellor Gene has a special interest in life issues that arise for men. In the 1980s he was very involved in running domestic violence workshops for men.…


Life Transformation

1: Meditation: A Journey in Consciousness

The mind has played an amazing role in the evolution of humanity. The mind is not always effective as we work our way through the personal problems of life. The Ancient Meditation Teachers have told us that the mind is meant to be the servant of Consciousness, which is the very essence of who we are. Meditation leads us to Consciousness, our Source of Wisdom and Love. From that place we can become the True Masters of our Life.

2: HeartMath Partnership with Meditation

The Scientific research of HeartMath with its simply applied techniques is a perfect partner to Meditation. Learn how to bring the autonomic nervous system into perfect balance to deal effectively with stress, and to access the Heart for increased Intuition and Creativity.

3: Science and The Ancient Teachings

Science and the Ancient Spiritual Teachers have each expressed their interpretation of the creation of the universe. It’s interesting to note that they each say much the same thing. This workshop is focused on our own Personal Creation and Evolutionary process.

4.  From Sex Energy to Love

As Sex Energy builds in our body the Limbic Brain recalls previous pleasure filled experiences, and then naturally the Reptilian Brain engages us in the procreative activity, leading us down that same familiar path. There comes a time for many couples when they want something more expansive from their intimate sexual relationship. The first step is to acknowledge the influences of the multigenerational conditioning between men and women, and then learn how to transmute the Sex Energy generated in our sexual experience, into Love.

  • Life Transformation Workshop: 21st July 2018 from 8.30 – 4.30
  • Gene will be available from 8:30 to 9.00 to assist people wishing to experience the HeartMath emWave Pro Biofeedback Program.