The Resilience Advantage

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The Resilience Advantage:


Gene Thompson

As a relationship counsellor Gene has a special interest in life issues that arise for men. In the 1980s he was very involved in running domestic violence workshops for men.…


The Resilience Advantage

In everyday life, our energy depleting emotions may arise spontaneously as a result of our conditioning or because of challenging situations that arises in the moment. When this happens regularly over long periods of time our energy resources may become depleted to the point where a medical condition become apparent. Typical high-risk people are corporate executives, police, hospital and ambulance workers, and couples experiencing long standing relationship difficulty.

In the Resilience Advantage Workshop, you will learn how to connect with the heart as the source of wisdom, love, intuitive guidance and healing. For example, many thousands of police in the United States and Europe have been trained to use HeartMath techniques to help maintain inner calm, and to deal effectively with stress.

  • Gene Thompson is a HeartMath Certified Trainer
  • Gene will be available from 9.00 to 9.45 to assist people wishing to experience the HeartMath emWave Pro Biofeedback Program.