The Art of Feminine Presence


The Art of Feminine Presence

February 8, 2020

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Janet McGeever

Janet works with women and couples who value their relationship and want to deepen their intimate connection without compromising or closing down physically or emotionally. An educator, speaker, psychotherapist and…


The Art of Feminine Presence


  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your sensuality and your body?
  • Do you feel invisible sometimes, like no-one would know if you were there or not?
  • Do you find that others seem to distance themselves from you?
  • Do you find it hard to keep your boundaries and feel overwhelmed by others?
  • Would you like to feel more confident, more seen, and more valued?

The culture of capitalism, and the desire of male attention has unbalanced woman and thrown her off her centre.

She needs to find her feminine soul, and her spirit, to return to her true self, so that she can find her own authentic way of being. This is not derived from an outside force. It comes from her own feminine essence, that which she was born with. This is not something to go out and seek.

It's something to come home to 'find'.

And the first step to that is coming home inside her body. It's not enough to think your way there. It must be experienced and witnessed with other women in a safe space.

Come and experience how you can in a few minutes, find your home - this is just the beginning of being seen and being heard.

Being acknowledged in a safe space, you can start to find new ground. Starting to find more solid ground to walk upon means you can be more solid in your relationships, your life, your work.

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